Gift Ideas for a Home Cook

5 of my must have (I own and love every one) kitchen tools

  1. Grate & Slice Set - this all in one set includes every thing you need for a variety of grating and slicing tasks, without taking up a lot of space since it fits neatly into the easy-to-store container. Bonus - top-rack dishwasher safe.

  2. Knife Set - next to hands, knives are the most important tools you need in the kitchen. This set has it all to chop, cut, dice and sharpen. Ive had my set for a little over 6 years and they are like new.

  3. Cutting Board - chopping on a comfortable surface makes the task so much more enjoyable. The size of the board is great for cutting a bunch of fruits and veggies and the groove will keep your counters clean. Plus it pretty and can double as the base for a beautiful charcuterie board.

  4. Mixing Bowls - it's just the worst when your bowls not big enough! That will not be a problem any longer with this incredible set of bowls. Best part - they nest into each other - super space saver. Another serious pro are the covers. These bowls can be used for storing leftovers, salads or doughs you may be working on.

  5. Dutch Oven - Such a staple piece for any home cook kitchen. The recipes that you can make using this piece are endless plus she's pretty! I leave mine on the stove top and it just makes the stove look happy.

Shoot me a message if you have any questions about these products. Happy holiday shopping!

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