December 13th Dinner Meal Plan

A lot of this weeks dinner meal plan was based around a large pot of Sunday sauce I made yesterday (Sunday). Creating a few different meals with 1 base ingredient saves so much time and it's fun (for me at least) to try and think up recipes that are kinda the same, kinda different.

Another contributing factor that goes into thinking up dinner recipes for the week is always the kids. I have a toddler that eats a lot of things but not always when the ingredients are all together. He prefers his meals deconstructed if you will. For example, he will eat the fried / baked eggplant before it becomes parmigiana so I will just keep a few plain pieces on the side for him with some cheese and whatever fruit I have cut up for the week.

Lastly, I like to make things that are easily made in large batches and reheat well. If the day / night doesn't go as planned having leftovers is a great backup for a quick lunch or easy dinner - the leftovers always get eaten one way or another!

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