Silky and Sweet Baby Puree

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Pears can be paired with anything or are absolutely delicious on their own.

Pear is not a first food I introduced to either one of my kids. I prefer to start with savory flavors ie: squash, peas, beans. I feel like - of course they'll like pear, apple, banana, they're sweet and delicious! I prefer to get them started with savory flavors and moving on from there.

However, I like to be stocked with pear puree because its a flavor that's pairs well with so many things. from beets to butternut squash the flavor combinations are endless. Pears also blend beautifully and have a really great texture and mix with other purees.

Pear puree is also great to have on hand as an addition when baking. Its a great substitute for eggs and keeps things light and moist.

Pear puree recipe:

  • peel and roughly chop pears (any type will do)

  • boil until fork tender

  • blend in food processor till smooth ( no additional liquid needed)

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